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  • Scholastic Results

  • 9 GOLD Keys in total for our Program!  Elwin Hutchinson, Oliver Coria, Rebekah Gill, and 6 for Vuk Petrovic.

  • 9 SILVER keys in total for our Program! Cross Genco, Astrid Bridgewood, Dru Swan, Vuk Petrovic 3,  Rachelle Callison, Nadia Chauhan, and Sally Rucktertuhl.

  • Honorable Mention for Rebekah Gill, Sally Ruckterstuhl, Kiron Fan, Vuk Petrovic, and Amaya Abraham.

  • Elwin Hutchinson also won a “Best in Grade” award, given at the ceremony

  • Vuk Petrovic Will also have a mini billboard for his gold key painting.

  • To see more please click on the gallery link on the right!

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