Ms. Berry

Cleaning wipes


Paper towels


Embroidery floss, thread

Ribbon, chain, cord

Old or broken jewelry and beads

35mm SLR cameras and lenses (all brands and types)

Anvils and mandrels

Mr Wilson
Dawn Dish Soap

Mr. Cornwell

1.     Tub O Towels/Heavy-Duty

Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes

2.     (Large Size) Box of Nitrile Gloves

3.     Liquid dish soap

4.     Paper towels

5.     Blue shop towels

6.     Kleenex Tissue 

7.     Hand Sanitizer 

8.     Newspapers

9.     Magazines

10.  Drawing Paper

11.  Erasers (All Types)

12.  Blending stumps

13.  Drawing Pencils 

14.  Markers

15.  Color Pencils

16.  Sharpie Markers (regular& fine point)

17.  Glue sticks, Elmer's glue

18.  Hot glue guns &hot glue sticks

19.  Heavy duty staples for staple guns

20.  Paintbrushes 

21.  Tupperware 

22.  Plastic Cups

23.  Aprons 

24.  Masking Tape

25.  Scotch Tape

26.  Blue painters tape

Cleaning Supplies